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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Creep…

Karissa Pukas wearing a black vinyl trench coat and a black hat

Vancouver is notorious for constant rain. Sometimes we can go for weeks and weeks before having an actual sunny day; Pacific Northwest life amiright? Needless to say, we all have a few waterproof pieces of clothing.

I’d been on the hunt for a FASHUN rain coat and came across this House of CB Trench on sale for $68 (USD). Perfect. It seems almost naughty to wear all vinyl- especially in the daytime. It’s different and I like it. Definitely a statement piece. I slightly squeak when I move which also adds an audio component to the non discrete nature of this jacket LOL. It’s also still pretty cold out, so I wore a LPA Hoodie under the trench. You can’t see it in the images, but when you have the hood up, the side of the hood has flames 🙂 


These shoes have been a staple in my looks for the past few months. I’m in to the dad shoe trend. Hear me out… It’s just too practical to not love it. SO many shoes are awful for your footbed and your feet hurt after a few hours or after walking awhile. Not in these. I can actually fit my orthotics in here *high five*.  YES, that is slightly lame and makes me sound 70+, but the way your foot sits leads to how your knee’s bear weight, which lead to how your hips wear over time etc, and bottom line- I’m all for comfier/ smarter footwear when I can 😛

These Jeffrey Campbell Lo Fi Sneakers are a great alternative to the v. expensive OG dad sneaker, the Balenciaga Triple S  which have also been popular on the ‘gram.

While shooting these photos in the ally, a white van parked on the curb, so naturally I had to snap a pic with my new  “free candy” van.  Don’t talk to strangers kids…


Hat – Lululemon

Hoodie – LPA (Sold out) – Similar Here

Cowie Shell Necklace – Etsy

Bag – Fendi Zucca (Vintage)  or maybe look here

Coat – House of CB

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell 

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