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My Spotify history has a wide range of genres, though sounds I keep coming back to are usually chill, light and melodic. Stuff that can be background while you’re working or studying, but also totally jammable if you turn it up. Does that make sense?

I titled my latest playlist ‘New Beginnings’ – it’s the perfect accompaniment for the changing seasons. Ushering in the new with a positive vibe and relaxed flow. Play this while you’re doing a spring clean or nestling in with a book. I’m currently listening to it while typing blog posts 😛 It’s the perfect background sounds for a peaceful feeling.

Turn on, tune in, drop out 🎶

Check out my other Spotify playlists while you’re over there! I have different workout playlists, yoga/meditation playlists, Sunday afternoon tunes, a nostalgic round up of early 2000’s tunes and pretty much everything in between. 

I make new playlists often so check back on my spotify home page! 😊


  1. I somehow found you on Spotify awhile back and I’ve been following your profile ever since! We have really similar taste in music and I’m a huge fan of your playlists!

  2. Currently blasting this! I just moved to a new city as well and was wanting to make a playlist like this dedicated to new adventures, but I’m not great at it and this one hits it on the nose! Loving this website, keep it up!! ♥️

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