This may seem like a surprise to some seeing as I work in the beauty industry, but I’m actually quite basic when it comes to everyday makeup.

This meme that SocialEyes shared the other day on instagram absolutely NAILS it…

LOL #Relatable

I wear ‘everyday’ makeup maybe 2-3 times a week and generally it’s because I know I need to be wearing an SPF anyways, so I opt for a bb or cc cream. Once that’s on, I feel like I need some bronzer, highlight and mascara, or I look like a beige sheet of paper (u feel me?).

Really, the routine I have feels like the most minimal version of what I ‘could’ be doing. Everything I apply has purpose and makes enough of an impact that I look ‘fresher’ or more put together, but didn’t spend much time doing it. I thought I’d do a lil post on the items that have stayed in rotation for the past year or so in case you’d like to also give them a try 🙂

*This list is excluding skincare items I use- I’ll do a seperate post on my skincare routine at a later date.Karissa Pukas wearing natural makeup and a white t shirt


For my base, I generally opt for a product that has SPF that feels light but has buildable coverage.

I like my skin looking like SKIN! 

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

One of my favourites over the years has been the ‘Your Skin But Better’ CC cream from It Cosmetics.

This product has a few options to suit your skin type and are around SPF 50. The regular formula (which is usually the one I grab), an oil free mattifying version as well as a dewy illuminating version (my mum who has dryer skin goes for this one). 

I apply it with a damp beauty blender, or by using my fingers if I want a more concentrated application. It melts into the skin in better than most bb/cc creams I’ve tried- though like most bb/cc creams, it does take a sec’ to work the product in. I find this lasts all day for me if I lightly set it with a powder. It also applies relatively well over previous makeup (as long as you’re not too powdery) so reapplication or spot treating throughout the day works if needed.

Bare Minerals Foundation

 I also really enjoy using the bareMinerals original foundation. It has only FIVE ingredients and is free of preservatives, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, triclosan, talc, oil, waxes and fragrances making it a pretty clean choice. This product is SPF 15 and can be used to lightly touch up throughout the day if you need to re apply.

It’s powder form, but buffs into your skin like a silky cream product that is so light you can’t feel it on. Biggest takeaway from using it- LESS is more. It gives you a surprisingly radiant glow for a powder, but keeps you matte where you need it.

The twistable lid prevents major spillage and makes this powder useable for everyday (nobody wants to deal with messy powders). If you want even less product to come out at a time- use a needle and poke holes through the protection sticker rather than removing the sticker completely.

Rated 4.6 / 5 stars on, this base is a winner.

Born This Way Concealer, Too Faced Cosmetics

I always use a concealer when I do my makeup, as I’ve struggled with dark under eyes my entire life. One that I SWEAR by is the ‘Born This Way Concealer‘ from Too Faced Cosmetics.

The great thing about this product is how multi purpose it is. It is FULL coverage when I need it to be, but it’s also easily sheered out when applied with a damp beauty blender. It can cover the rudest of zits, yet it doesn’t crease or ball up when applied on my undereyes. It’s a great eyeshadow base for your lids as well. The formula is very similar to the popular Tarte ‘Shape Tape’ concealer but is more hydrating and workable (IMO). 


Once my base is complete, I move on to adding a little bit of shading/colour/highlight to bring back the lost depth. I also will use these products as a makeshift ‘eyeshadow’ as well if I want to add a bit of interest to my eyes. Multi purpose products for the win!!

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer

If you haven’t already tried Hoola bronzer, whaaat you doing?! It’s a cult classic. Stop reading. Click here and add to cart.

It’s the perfect shade for blended buildable bronzing- I apply it in the hollows of my cheeks right under my cheekbones, as well as in my eye crease or on my lid as a ‘shadow’

It’s also a great travel sized product (in non breakable paper packaging) and it’s a product I bring along on most trips. Benefit Cosmetics has also recently released two deeper shades of this classic product that will work well for deeper skin tones. 

Sun Club Bronzer, Essence

Another oldie but goodie product I love is the Essence Sun Club Matte Bronzer. It’s great for lighter skin tones and is an inexpensive drugstore bronzer option available most places. It blends well (make sure to use a light hand) and is a good neutral shade (aka not too orange). It’s one of those products I keep coming back to over the years and you just can’t beat the price- especially for the size of the pan.

HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion

If I feel like adding some blush to my daily look, it’s usually the Ambient Lighting Blush from Hourglass. I couldn’t recommend these blushes more- they give your face a gorgeous ‘lit from within’ glow. I own several shades, but my most used is Dim Infusion (A subdued coral colour). 

BECCA Cosmetics, Shimmering Skin Perfector

I always include a highlight in any routine because to me, it makes SUCH a huge difference. I could skip blush but I NEED a poppin’ highlight. It gives your face more dimension, even if it’s subtle. I apply highlight on the high points of my cheekbones as well as the inner corner of my eyes (to brighten and make me appear more awake) and I also add a touch to my cupids bow on my lips. If I’m wearing a low cut shirt that day… I apply to my collarbones as well. You don’t need to drench yourself everywhere to achieve glow- it’s a common highlight mistake- you just have to strategically apply it to high points on your face or places you’d like to draw attention to.

I like finely milled highlights that give almost a ‘wet’ look and are buildable in their intensity. I always opt for ones that don’t have chunky glitter or noticeable ‘flecks’- but you do you.

A highlight formula that I’ve adored for years is  ‘Opal’ – Shimmering Skin Perfector from Becca Cosmetics. I think it’s the perfect staple highlight in a collection and suits any skin tone.

AMREZY HIGHLIGHTER, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Another highlight I love is the Amrezy collab with Anastasia Beverly Hills. Sadly, I think it’s limited edition and seems to be sold out online- but absolutely worth checking if it’s in stores. They’ve done a few restocks previously and I’m still holding out that they will make this a permanent addition to their collection. It’s the perfect luminous glow with a natural, second skin finish and can be a very intense highlight if you layer it.

Click here to get the restock notifs.


Benefit Cosmetics Gimmie Brow

A few years ago, I had my brows mircobladed for the first time and I’m a converted believer (check out where I got them done –click here). I love the natural way it looks and that it majorly cuts down on my getting ready time. WITH that said, I still enjoy using the odd brow product… and a staple for me is the Benefit ‘Gimmie Brow’ brow gel. Not only does it tame unruly brow hairs and hold them in place, it also subtly adds some thickness and definition. It’s such a quick step that makes a difference, so I rarely skip it.


As I said above- I almost exclusively use bronzers/ highlight as my ‘daily’ eyeshadows. It’s just so simple to whip on a multi purpose product like that so I don’t bother with actual shadows, unless I’m doing a full LEWWWWKK.

The one thing I do always use is a lash curler and some mascara. 

Benefit Cosmetics, They're Real Primer Mascara

If I want a very natural looking lash, I’ll grab my ‘They’re Real! Tinted lash primer‘ from Benefit Cosmetics. It’s a dark brown colour rather than black black- so it’s a very subtle option for daily wear (especially if you have blue or lighter coloured eyes). It lasts all day and doesn’t smudge/ budge on me and I love that it’s buildable. Even if I were to reapply hours later, my lashes still feel relatively ‘soft’ compared to other mascaras. The plastic brush applicator took a little while to get used to, but once I did, it’s been smooth sailing. The tip of the brush also has little bristles, making it easier to get at your hard to reach bottom lashes.

NARS Climax Mascara

I’m also a big fan of the NARS Climax Mascara- it coats and separates EVERY SINGLE LASH. It’s the first mascara I’ve actually used up within a normal timeframe*. Highly recommend.

(*within it’s suggested expiry date LOL). 


Most days I stick with a classic chapstick like Burts Bee’s and don’t bother with much more. I’m not into high maintenance lips unless I’m committing to a full night out, or when filming etc.

YVES SAINT LAURENT Volupté Tint-in-Balm

If I’d like to add some colour to my lips,  I reach for my ride or die YSL Volupté Tint-in-Balm. It’s super moisturizing, fuss free application and comes in multiple colours (though I stick with either pink, coral or nude.) It applies like a lip chap with a wash of colour and doesn’t ball up, or give you buthole lips throughout day like other lip colours can. It looks opaque in the tube, but it actually gives a very subtle hint of colour upon application. It’s honestly one of the only lip products I can stand to wear the entire day without removing it and re applying; PLUS it has super cute bougie YSL packaging.


I use some kind of setting spray to lock everything in place, as well as help ‘blend’ the layered products into my skin nicely. You know what I mean. It just looks better and more cohesive after setting spray.

This is one of the products that I’ll often swap out and I don’t have a favourite.

Some to try next time you run out:

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

MAC Fix+ Setting Spray

And there you have it! My go to products for ‘everyday’ style makeup.

I’d love to look in to using more clean beauty products, so if you’re into that stuff- let me know what you suggest!!

What are some of your most used daily products? Comment below 🙂



  1. I’m not a fan of any of the samples I’ve tried previously from Glow Recipe, but I must say their new spray is something I’ll never want to be without now that I’ve found it! I wish I could find a spray bottle just like it for my other setting sprays, it’s the perfect fine mist.

    I’ve missed you!

  2. I love your website! I’ve been following you for ages and it’s so nice to even learn more about you and your makeup to to’s here 😊❤️

  3. Oh my goodness! Firstly, I just want to congratulate you on the beautiful site. What an accomplishment! Some of my most used daily products include

    – Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (but I really want to find something new that has SPF)
    – Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer (as bronzer and eyeshadow, like you said multi-purpose for the win!)
    – Benefit Gimme Brow
    – Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara
    – and Becca Opal Shimmering Skin Perfecter

    At this point, I’m just not sure I could live without those products, and it’ll probably take me ages to budge and try something new.

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