Hello, thanks for stopping by 🙂

My name is Karissa – welcome to my website!

This is a platform where I’ll be sharing my passion for wellbeing & self-care, plant-based food, health & holistic living, fashion & beauty with maybe some travel sprinkled in here & there. Really… who knows what. Sky’s the limit.

I’m from British Columbia, Canada, where I live with my Australian fiancé Glen and the love of our lives, Lola the Chihuahua.
I’ve been creating online content for close to ten years- it’s wild. I thought it was about time I had my own website.

Get ready for loads of lifestyle recommendations of products I use and love, yummy recipes, relatable chatter and stuff like following along while I grow plants (HA how old am I?)

This space is to remind you that living a healthy, fun and mindful lifestyle that is authentically you, doesn’t need to feel intimidating or seem unattainable.

Let’s just start where we are and go together from here 🙂